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IGDAR is a digital realty marketplace where you can invest in multi-assets real estate and grow your wealth - build your dream home and supervise it remotely - manage your assets in comfort and peace of mind - get best possible capital preservation on purchase of properties, anywhere on earth - enjoy the freedom to move in, anytime you wish

Capital Preservation

IGDAR protects your wealth by offering 100% capital preservation through diversified multi-asset investment strategy. Your wealth grows organically and you harvest healthy returns out of structured real-estate investments

Digital Marketplace

IGDAR provides you a global real-estate marketplace offering end-to-end solutions. You can invest in fractional ownership of assets, design and build your dream house, manage your assets remotely and reap your profits

Career Opportunities

IGDAR Institute offers career-oriented hybrid certification programs for the professionals, young graduates, women, and part-timers. You can join a dynamic global career as IGDAR Analysts, IGDAR Inspectors, and IGDAR Counselors

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How It works

IGDAR is a digitized global real-estate investment platform where you can invest in diverse real-estate portfolios across the world. IGDAR protects your investment by fractional ownership certificates. Simply open your account with IGDAR and invest online


Register to open your account with IGDAR and invest online upon receiving KYC confirmation. Standard KYC compliance includes your photo ID and facial recognition.


You can track the performance of your investment online. IGDAR keeps you updated with your account statement. You can manage your investments and plan your exits.


You can sell your assets on IGDAR digital marketplace online, soon as you reach your maturity date. IGDAR exits give you healthy profits through value appreciation.


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